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How to create a Basic Rental Agreement?

A rental agreement is a legal binding between a renter and an owner. For your reference, we will offer some simple steps to guide your creating.

1. Researching

The first step is to research the relevant laws. Different states in the America may have different commands, so you should be clear with the laws of your states. You may need to call your county courthouse to request a copy of local housing laws and study the health and safety laws. If there are some rent control laws in your state, you may also need to find them out. What's more, the laws about security deposits is also needed.

2. Drafting

When you have already made the good preparation of legal issues, you can start to draft your agreement. You need to include all the detailed information of the property at the beginning of the agreement. Then the specific terms of rental, the consequences of breaking the agreement, the clauses for the payment, security deposit, and fee policy, and the terms of repairing and maintenance policy follow it. Do not forget to leave a block for signatures and date.

3. Revising

If you have finished your writing, you can consult with a lawyer about the legal issues in the agreement to make your document accurate and completed and avoid any mistakes.