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How to Create a Basic Resume Template?

An outstanding resume can leave a good impression on the interviewers and make the interviewees stand out from other candidates. The following tips will offer the guidance on how to create a basic resume template.

1. Formatting

The size and font of the text give the intuitive appreciation to the interviewers. Thus it is crucial to choose the proper font and size of the text. Also, the text had better always be in black ink. As for the creating the heading, it should contain all your contact information, such as name, address, e-mail, and phone number. What's more, do not forget the layout of the resume, which has a pretty critical function to the final effect of the interview.

2. Choosing the Style

Generally speaking, a resume has three main types, namely, functional, chronological, and combination. Choosing which style will be decided by the type of the work and your past working experience. If you want to show your skills and past working experience, the functional resume can be a good choice. If you want to focus on presenting the steady growth in a career field, you may prefer the chronological resume. And if you want to present not only your skills and experience but also the career growth, the combination resume can satisfy your need.

3. Polishing

When you have finished the resume writing, you need to polish and revise it. Creating the catchy titles for your resume, making those keywords strategically, and using verbs to present your achievements and sense of responsibility will make your resume brilliant. Besides, checking and proofreading are quite necessary which can help you avoid mistakes.