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Resume for Richard Byrom – Principal Consultant
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Government of BotswanaGovernment Accounting and Budgeting System (GABS)
(October 2003 Present Day)
Role Lead Consultant for implementation of Oracle Public Sector Budgeting module
The Government of Botswana has embarked on the implementation of a Government
Accounting and Budgeting System (GABS). My role on this project was to design and build
the Oracle Public Sector Budgeting module for the Government of Botswana. This involved
identifying user requirements, mapping the Oracle solution to these requirements and then
finally building the system. The core modules used in performing the activities mentioned
were Oracle Public Sector Budgeting, Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) and
Oracle General Ledger.
Government of UgandaIntegrated Financial Management System (March 2003
September 2003)
Role Public Sector Financials and Budgeting Training.
The Government of Uganda is presently involved in an Oracle Public Sector Budgeting
implementation for 6 ministries and 4 local governments as part of an initiative to implement
an Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS). My role on the project was to configure
a training system that aligned to the customers business and functional requirements, prepare
training materials and subsequently train super users on the following modules: -
q Public Sector Budgeting
q Oracle Public Sector Financials International OPSF (I)
q Public Sector Purchasing
q Public Sector Payables
q Public Sector Receivables
q Public Sector General Ledger
q Cash Management
q Application System Administration
Botswana Meat Commission (September 2002)
Role Functional Expert for OFA implementation
Botswana Meat Corporation is involved in the slaughter of cattle and processing of the meat
which is then sold both locally and internationally. Here I was involved in the setup and
implementation of Oracle Financial Analyzer for the production of analytical reports for
management. The setup was performed on top of an instance of Oracle 11 and the
information was extracted using the OFA GL Link.
National Development Bank (October 2001 November 2002)
Role Team Leader / Project Manager
National Development Bank is a local bank which provides loans to the business Community
in Botswana. The project involved the implementation of Oracle Financials and it’s interfacing
to the Bankmaster system which housed all the loans. I lead the implementation team and
setup a number of financials modules as well as the property manager module. I also used
Oracle Discoverer and implemented Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) and Oracle
Financial Analyzer (OFA) with the web interface. I gained an intimate knowledge of how to set
up the OFA GL Link as the client used OFA for financial statements, management reports and
budgeting. My use of Oracle Applications Implementation Methodology (AIM) significantly
enhanced the project management and documentation process.
Vista Cellular (April 2001 September 2001)
Role Team Leader / Project Manager
Vista is one of the two cellular operators in Botswana and at the time was a subsidiary of
France Telecom which eventually became Orange. The project involved the implementation
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