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3D Animator Resume
3D Animator Resume
David Choi Senior 3D Artist
(206) 388-9050, 3davidchoi@gmail.com, www.3david.com
Professional Summary
I’m a 2D/3D artist with years of experience in design, education, and 3D content creation. I’m a highly intuitive problem
solver and critical thinker. My experience has taught me to see through to the end result, predict where the challenges
might be, then reverse engineer the steps to get the job done. I have worked for a wide spectrum of studio cultures, team
dynamics and personalities, and thus given me some good insight about the hidden challenges of a group effort toward a
common goal. You would want me on your team because I’m easy to work with, have strengths in multiple digital mediums,
have a vast amount of experience, and most importantly, I’m a good storyteller. In fact, of all my abilities, I believe fully
being a good storyteller is at the heart of who I am and how I create.
Note: Due to the overall length of this resume it was necessary to edit out lesser places of employment, which will
explain the gaps in the timeline, as well as create a separate resume for 2D Design and Education Instructor
experiences. Those resumes are available for download at www.3david.com.
Schell Games
Advanced World Builder The World of Lexica
Lexica is a tablet game owned by Amplify, created by Schell games, designed to promote
reading among junior grade level students. As an environment artist, it is my responsibility
to work closely with a designer to create a highly visual imaginative environment that supports
the narrative of the game.
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Development
VR Contract Developer Character Artist/Animator Jetstream Software
AR Independent Developer HoloPad, Inbound Sheriff, arBot
For Jetstream, I was contracted to design, build, and animate a character for an Occulus VR project.
For AR, I took it upon myself to learn how to create AR mobile apps with Unity, Vuforia, and Playmaker.
Once I had an interesting high concept idea, I created all the 3D content I needed, animated them and
assembled and scripted it together.
11/2012 Present
Microsoft Good Science (Through MAQ, llc)
Senior 3D Artist (High Security Project)
I was responsible for creating a low poly version of a large area of a specific West Coast city. The contract
was short only because they need me to finish it in a month time.
6/2013 7/2013
Electronic Arts – Visceral Games (Through PRO Unlimited)
Senior 3D Environment Artist Deadspace 3
This was a 6 months contract to create entire chapter levels from art blocked zones matching three phase
criteria’s, modeling, texturing, and polish. The last month and a half was spent as a tech artist fixing and
polishing levels and terrains.
6/2012 11/2012
Microsoft Turn 10 (Through FILTER, llc)
3D Artist 2 Forza Motorsport 4
This was a 6 months contract that ended in 4 because the environment team completed all the work early.
I was working assigned to work on buildings, structures and props for Indy 500 Speedway and Infineon
Raceway tracks. The last month was spent as a tech artist fixing and polishing the tracks based on photo
references of the real ones.
3/2011 6/2011
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3D Animator Resume