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401K Calculator 1
401K Calculator 1
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401(k) Savings Calculator
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Variables Summary & Results
Enter your current age: 30 Years to your retirement:
Enter your retirement age: 65
Salary Future Value
Enter your current annual salary: 70,000 Estimated value after years:
Enter you annual salary increase: 2%
Your current savings or 401K balance: 10,000 Interest Earned after you are 65 for year(s):
Contributions Total Contributions
Contributions To-Date: 5,000.00
Employer contributions To-Date: 1,500.00
Contribution as a % of your salary: 10.0% Your contributions:
Enter your annual contribution: 2,400 Employer contributions:
Increase contribution each year by: 5.0% Total contributed:
Employer match (% of contribution): 50%
Employer maximum (% of salary): 6.0%
Current annual limit of contributions 15,000
Contributions made: Monthly Number of contributions per year:
Return Rate (Interest) Variable Return Rate
Estimated annual rate of return: 6.0% Average Rate:
Interest Rate: Fixed
Minimum Rate:
Maximum Rate:
Press F9 to recalculate
Desired Retirement Income
Estimate the rate of inflation: 2.0% Your desired monthly income will start at:
Desired monthly income: 4,300 At retirement you will need:
Desired monthly income as a % of salary: 75%
Number of years to live on your savings: 20
Your Savings will last for 20 years and 1 month.
Savings Projection Chart
Estimated Income (Based on Desired Income & Current Salary)
Your Contributions Employer Match Balance All Contributions
401(k) Calculator 401(k) Detailed Desired Income 401(k) Balance FAQ's
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401K Calculator 1