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401K Calculator 3
401K Calculator 3
401k Calculator Overview
You may move from worksheet to worksheet by clicking on the dark blue buttons
in the upper right corner of each worksheet or the blue tabs at the bottom of each worksheet.
Use your mouse or arrow keys to move to the next input box.
Be conservative with your assumptions- assuming aggressive scenarios will generate improbable answers.
Red marked boxes ( ) provide additional comments when the mouse pointer is placed over the mark.
401k Calculator
How much your investment will be worth at the age of retirement
Whether you're investing enough today to meet your investment goal (Annual Contribution calculation)
The age at which your investment goal will be met
the light blue scroll bars test
the light blue shaded boxes.
cumulative savings throughout your working career.
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401k Calculator
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1. Calculate: Through a series of financial calculations, the 401k Calculator determines:
2. Personal Information: Enter age, desired retirement age, current salary and 401k information using
3. 401k Contribution Allocation: enter your Allocation %'s and Avg % Return for each investment into
The "Investment Detail" worksheet illustrates your annual contributions, investment return and
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401K Calculator 3