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60 Day Notice To Vacate
To: Dominion Properties Virginia LLC Today’s Date: __________________
Please take notice of our intention to vacate our leased residence located at:
Address: _______________________________________________________
City: ________________________State: __________ Zip code: __________
On or before _________________ (Date as MM/DD/YEAR).
Please Note: 60-Day Notice to Vacate is at least sixty (60) days prior to the last day
of the month in
which the tenant will vacate the property- the notice would be delivered by US Mail to
the Landlord-
postmarked on or before the rental due date of the prior month. Example: Tenant
desires to vacate on April
30th of that year- Tenant would provide written notice to vacate by US Mail to
Landlord postmarked on or
before March 1st of that year- Must be a clear 60 day Notice from the rental due date.
(If your notice is a 90-Day Notice to Vacate- then it would be given 90 days prior and
calculated in similar
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60 Day Notice To Vacate