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A Student Checklist For Cas
A Student Checklist For Cas
A student checklist for CAS
Exploring and extending ideas
leading to an original or interpretive
product or performance
Physical exertion
contributing to a
healthy lifestyle
Collaborative and reciprocal
community engagement in
response to an authentic need
My CAS programme
Evidence of planning of a CAS programme
Regular commitment over at least 18 months to CAS
Understanding and ability to use the CAS stages when planning CAS
Balance between creativity, activity and service
At least one planned project undertaken over at least one month
Evidence of achieving all seven learning outcomes
Evidence of identification of strengths and areas for personal growth
Evidence of undertaking new challenges and developing new skills in
the process (LO2)
Evidence of initiating and planning a CAS experience (LO3)
Evidence of commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences (LO4)
Evidence of demonstrating the skills and recognizing the benefits of
working collaboratively (LO5)
Evidence of engagement with issues of global significance (LO6)
Evidence of recognizing and considering the ethics of choices and
actions (LO7)
Reflections completed on significant CAS experiences
Supervisor reports supplied where necessary
CAS interview 1 completed
CAS interview 2 completed
CAS interview 3 completed
CAS portfolio completed
Teacher Support Material - 2016
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A Student Checklist For Cas