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Academic Journal Template
Journal of Innovation Management surname1, surname2
JIM X, X (2013) x-x
ISSN 2183-0606 1
Guidelines for authors submitting papers to THE NEW
JOURNAL - a template to follow
John Smith
, António Silva
, Lorenzo Ortiz
, Aleksi Virtanen
Faculty of Engineering University of Porto, Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, Porto, Portugal
{john.smith, antonio.silva}
INESC-ID, Lisboa, Portugal
Abstract. Having a well prepared abstract should allow the reader to identify
the basic content of the paper in a quick and accurate way. It should summarize
the contents of the paper and have between 70 and 150 words. The font size
should be set in 9-point and should be inset 1.0 cm from the right and left
margins. We recommend using the provided styles in this documents by
choosing the “JIM_Abstract” style.
This document serves as model to an article published in JIM and exemplifies
the major guidelines that authors should follow when submitting a paper to
Keywords. Authors should use keywords according to the EUROVOC
thesaurus available online. Keywords must be separated by commas.
1 Introduction
As the old saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of Invention” and this, indeed,
blends the domains of technology expertise and the innovation process. This is, in fact,
part of what makes innovation happen at the “Front End”, also referred to as “Fuzzy
Front End” to depict the unstructured nature of the process that actually enacts New
Concept Development Process and the final emergence of the New Concept. It is on
the multidisciplinary nature of this process and supporting tools and concepts, as well
as on why and how it actually happens that this journal aims at focusing.
1.1 Research areas to be addressed
The multidisciplinary nature of this journal strongly suggests the need for a
multidisciplinary Editorial Board that will have to cover competences that will have
to range from the Social Sciences to Technology Areas. To cope with this diversity
we will have at least one Associate Editor for each of the following two areas: Social
Sciences and Technology.
1.2 Accepted types of paper
This journal accepts papers addressing the multidisciplinary nature of the innovation
process combining principles and concepts originating from social sciences and from
technology research and development. In this context, technology should be looked
upon as an enabler or as a trigger of the innovation process that resulted in the
development of a new concept for a product or service.
JIM only accepts papers that are written in clear and understandable English. Authors
whose native language is not English are advised to have their works checked by an
English-speaking colleague prior to submitting the paper.
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Academic Journal Template