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securing contracts, engagements or employment for the Artist; and
f) to represent the Artist in all dealings with any unions; and
g) to exercise all powers granted to the Manager pursuant to Paragraph 4 hereof.
Rights And Authority Of The Manager
2) The Manager is not required to render exclusive services to the Artist or to devote the Manager's
entire time or the entire time of any of the Manager's employees to the Artist's affairs. Nothing
herein shall be construed as limiting the Manager's right to represent other persons whose talents
may be similar to, or who may be in competition with the Artist, or to have and pursue business
interests which may be similar to, or may compete with, those of the Artist. Notwithstanding the
foregoing, Management shall be available to Artist and shall act as her day-to-day manager. In th
event that Manager is not involved in the day-to-day management of Artist for a period of thirty (30)
consecutive days, then the Artist may terminate this Agreement, provided Artist provides Manager
with five (5) days written notice to cure any breach under this
3) The Artist hereby appoints the Manager as the Artist's sole personal representative, manager and
advisor for the term of this agreement and any renewals, in all matters usually and normally within
the jurisdiction and authority of personal representatives, managers and advisors, including but not
limited to the advice, guidance, counsel and direction specifically referred to in Paragraph 1 hereof.
The Artist agrees to seek such advice, guidance, counsel and direction from the Manager
exclusively and agrees not to engage any other agent, representative or manager to render similar
services, and not to perform said services on the Artist's own behalf, and the Artist will not
negotiate, accept or execute any agreement, understanding or undertaking concerning the Artist's
career as a musician, recording or performing artist without the Manager's prior consent, which
shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
a) The Artist hereby appoints the Manager for the term of this agreement and any renewals hereof
as the Artist's true and lawful attorney-in-fact to generally to do, execute and perform any other act,
deed or thing whatsoever deemed reasonable that ought to be done, executed and performed of any
and every nature and kind as fully and effectively as the Artist could do if personally present,
including, subject to the limitations set out in this agreement, the following:
(i) to sign, make, execute, accept, endorse, collect and deliver any and all bills of exchange, cheques
and notes as the Artist's said attorney;
(ii) to demand, sue for, collect, recover and receive all goods, claims, money, interest and other
items that may be due to the Artist or belong to the Artist;
(iii) to make, execute and deliver receipts, releases or other discharges therefore under seal or
otherwise and to defend, settle, adjust, compound, submit to arbitration and compromise all actions,
suits, accounts, reckonings, claims and demands whatsoever that are or shall be pending in such
manner and in all respects;
(iv) to approve and permit any and all publicity and advertising;
(v) to approve and permit the use of my name, photograph, likeness, voice, sound effect, caricature,
literary, artistic and musical materials for purposes of advertising and publicity in the promotion
and advertising of any and all products and services;
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