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by the Manager.
13) The Artist specifically agrees to authorize and direct any and all persons, firms or corporations
from whom the Artist is owed any sums which are earned as gross monthly earnings under this
agreement to remit such sums directly to the Manager. If the Artist shall receive any such sums
directly or indirectly, the Artist shall hold same in trust as to the Manager's share (including
expenses) and shall remit the same forthwith to the Manager. The Manager will collect and receive
any and all monies payable to the Artist with respect to the Artist's professional career.
14) Provided that the Manager has received all information required, the Manager will compute all
amounts payable to the Manager and the Artist and shall render a statement of account along with
payment as soon as practical after each of the Artist's performances or other receipt of funds by the
Manager on behalf of the Artist, and in no event less than on a monthly basis.
15) The Manager agrees to maintain accurate books and records of all transactions concerning the
Artist, which books and records may be inspected or audited during regular business hours by the
Artist or her nominee upon reasonable notice to the Manager and at the Artist's sole cost and
expense. In the event of material irregularity in the books or records, Artist shall be reimbursed for
costs of audit and Manager shall take steps to immediately correct the error.
16) The Artist shall be solely responsible for payment of all reasonable costs and disbursements
incurred by the Manager or the Manager's employees in furthering the career of the Artist, including,
but not limited to booking agencies, fees, union dues, publicity costs, promotional or exploitation
costs, traveling expenses and wardrobe expenses. In the event that the Manager advances any of the
foregoing fees, costs or expenses on behalf of the Artist, or incurs any other reasonable expenses in
connection with the Artist's professional career or with respect to the performance of the Manager's
services hereunder, the Artist shall promptly reimburse the Manager for such fees, costs and
expenses. Artist shall not be responsible for normal and recurring office and operating expenses of
the manager.
17) Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Manager shall require the Artist's prior approval for
expenditures in excess of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1000.00) and the Manager shall provide
estimated budget projections for expenditures and revenues for each year of this agreement and
update these projections from time to time as deemed necessary by the Manager.
18) The Manager is not required to make loans or advances to the Artist, but in the event that the
manager does so, the Artist will make best efforts to repay the same promptly. The Artist hereby
authorizes the Manager to deduct the amount of any such loans or advances from any sum which
the Manager may receive for the Artist's account.
19) The artist shall be entitled to terminate this agreement at any time upon the Manager's breach of
any of the Manager's representations, covenants and warranties contained herein, or obligations
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