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hereunder, including without limitation the Manager's duty to account to the Artist in accordance
with Paragraph 14) above.
20) The Artist shall be entitled to terminate this agreement immediately upon bankruptcy or
insolvency of either of the Managers, or in the event of dispute between them.
21) In the event of any default by the Artist of the Artist's commitments, obligations and duties
hereunder, the Manager's obligations (but not the Manager's right to compensation) shall be
suspended for the duration of any such default. In the event that the Artist for any reasons fails to
fulfill any of the Artist's commitments, obligations or duties hereunder, without good or
unavoidable reason or excuse, then, in addition to any other rights or remedies which the Manager
may have, the Manager shall have the right, upon written notice to Artist at any time prior to the
expiration of the term or any renewal, to terminate this agreement as of a date thirty (30) days after
the Artist's receipt of such written notice.
22) This Agreement shall not be assignable by the Artist to any person, firm or corporation;
provided however, that the Artist shall have the right to assign her right to receive payments under
this Agreement.
23) The Manager shall not have the right to assign this agreement or any of the Manager's rights
and obligations hereunder to any person, firm or corporation without the express written consent of
the Artist, which consent may be withheld. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Manager may assign
this agreement to a corporation to be incorporated by the Manager for the purpose of carrying out
the services contemplated by this agreement, provided the assigned agrees in writing to assume all
of the Manager's obligations under this Agreement and manager shall not be relieved of its
obligations hereunder.
Fiduciary Relationship
24) The Manager agrees and understands that by virtue of this agreement the Manager stands in a
fiduciary relationship to the Artist and the Manager shall be held to the highest standards of good
faith and loyalty.
Mutual Representations and Warranties
25) The Parties warrant that each is under no disability, restriction or prohibition with respect to
such parties' right to execute this agreement and perform its terms and conditions and further
warrant and represents that no act or omission by the Artist hereunder will violate any right or
create any liability to any person. The parties agree to mutually indemnify the other fully in respect
of any liability, loss or claim suffered by the other as a result of any breach of this Agreement, or
the terms, conditions, representations, warranties and covenants herein.
26) The Artist agrees at all times to attend to the Artist's professional career and to exert the Artist's
best reasonable efforts to further the Artist's professional career during the term of this agreement
and any renewal, and to cooperate with the Manager to the fullest extent in the interest of promoting
the Artist's career.
General Provision
27) This agreement contains all the terms agreed to between the parties with respect to the subject
matter hereof and during the term of this agreement it is understood and agreed that there shall be
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