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Action Item Tracking Sheet Templates
Action Item Tracking Sheet Templates
AAC Action Item Tracking Sheet
Last Updated: May 14, 2013
Item # Request Date Due Date
Action Request Owner(s) Status/Disposition
35 10/9/2012 Ongoing
Finance subcommittee to meet with Willy to review latest budget.
Willy Williamson,
12/10/12: Finance team met and reviewed several scenarios.
No rent changes anticipated for 2013 however SIGNIFICANT
concern over financial implications of costs associated with
FAA actions under way exists with in AAC and COV. Exploring
options to address.
4/13/13 Finance team met and discussed a variety of topics.
A sysnosis will be presented to the AAC on 5/14/13 with a
complete brief in June 13
7 4/12/2011 3/15/2014
Request to initiate lease transition plan work ASAP rather than waiting to 2021. Willy Williamson
12/10/12: Per Willy the majority of the work on this is
completed. On hold pending closure on higher priorities.
Would like to move this to a tentative 3/15/14 completion
27 12/13/2011 11/1/2013
Addendum to land leases to reflect appropriate benchmarks and compliance with
municiple code.
City attorney, Willy
5/14/13: Willy moved due date to 11/2013
29 12/13/2011 7/1/2013
AAC report to City due in February of each year
AAC, Willy
12/10/12: City Council is getting regular updates on airport
due to current FAA action issue. Formal annual report will be
delayed until this is resolved.
Willy will provide a 3 minute synopsis and offer a brief during
Master Plan workshop on 7/1/13
32 1/10/2012 6/14/2013
Identify owner to update airport business plan with input that has been provided
through master planning work.
Willy Williamson
Century West is adding a timeline for improvements and
34 10/9/2012 3/31/2013
Update and communcate new gate codes to address security concerns Willy Williamson
12/10/12: Willy believes that non-aviation access has been
through holes in fence, not unauthorized gate code use so will
hold on this action item until fence holes are fixed (item #33)
and we can confirm real issue. West gate currently
inoperative. Willy was presented an option to use proximity
reader cards for access, with disapproval due to cost. New
concerns such as need to replace opening systems, may open
this recommendation again.
9 5/10/2011 5/14/2013
Request from Museum for ongoing partnership with PAGA to develop options for future
fly-in previously hosted by NWACC. Fly-in strongly endorsed by AAC.
Mike True, Mike
Closed on 6/12 per AAC discussion. As much as we'd like to see
NWACC back, it does not seem in the cards. Some discussion
took place regarding possibliity of a Pearson sponsored event
highlighting all generations of aviation. This would require some
work on the part of Museum, AAC, City, PAGA, etc. 5/14/13:
Item closed.
33 4/9/2013 4/12/2013
AAC draft letter to city on attributes desired for Ken Anderton replacement Paul Speer Done 4/12/13
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Action Item Tracking Sheet Templates