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Draft Action Plan Template
Action Plan Template 2
Draft Action Plan Template
September 21, 2006
NCERA-197 Agricultural Safety and Health Research and Extension
Objective Action/Activity Target dates Status
1. Develop and support action groups
for each of 12 priority areas. These action
groups would then.
Began effort at May 10, 2006 mtg. 10/01/05 – 9/30/10 Ongoing
1.1 Identity current & present
research & outreach efforts
supporting 12 areas
1.2 Identify current and potential
resources including funding and
expertise for 12 areas.
Jepsen subcommittee to develop web-based reporting
system that includes factors for accomplishing 1.1 and
Develop draft 10/31/06; final report
form 11/30/06; distribute to
committee with return deadline of
1/31/07; posted on web 2/28/07
1.3 Define needs and
opportunities for 12 priority areas
1.4 Develop and refine research
questions and outreach activities for
12 areas.
1. Identify team members and chair (3-5)
2. Summarize research within past five years (3-5
a. Introduction/Problem Statement (1/2
b. Literature Review (1-3 pages)
c. Summary and Conclusions (list, 1/2
d. Research Questions To Be Answered
Outreach Issues to be Resolved (list, 1/2 page)
Development of action plans for promoting research
and/or outreach activities. May include technical
sessions at conferences, journal state-of-the-art
articles, specialty conferences, new resources or
programs, identification of RFAs that include
priority areas, etc.
2. Develop assessment to measure
effectiveness & impact off the national
agenda document.
To be measured by:
a. Documenting actions and accomplishments of
Objective 1
b. Inclusion of priority areas in USDA RFAs
c. Inclusion of priority areas in NIOSH National
Occupational Research Agenda (NORA)
12/31/06 – 9/30/10
3/1/07 – 9/30/10
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Draft Action Plan Template