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Activity Progress Report Template
Activity Progress Report Template
Activity Progress Report: [Activity Name]
This template is for use by implementing partners.
Activity implementers will have access to a large volume of detailed information on all aspects of Activity
implementation. It is essential that Activity progress reports contain only a small fraction of this
information – key facts, the necessary analysis and conclusions – to meet the core information needs of
the report’s audience.
Written progress reports must be highly disciplined, providing well-structured, thoroughly processed and
summarised information and analysis. This is typically presented in an exception basis in relation to the
relevant annual work plan, the Activity Design Document or some other reference document.
Activity information
Activity Title
Intended outcomes
Contract or grant information
Start and end dates
Total cost
Reporting period
Progress report preparation
Prepared by
Others involved or
Date of report
Key Conclusions and Necessary Actions
Include an update on previous recommendations or decisions made and how these have been
progressed/remedied over the reporting period.
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Activity Progress Report Template