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Administration c.t.a. (After Probate) Proceeding Checklist Page 3
Administration c.t.a. (After Probate) Proceeding Checklist
Acta-CHKLST release 4/7/2010 PAGE 3
5. Verify that there are no other persons interested in this proceeding other than
those already mentioned.
6. Make sure outstanding debts or funeral expenses are listed. If NONE, so state.
Check value of unadministered property
Check estimated gross rents of real property (if any) for period of eighteen (18)
Check that any pending or contemplated causes of action on behalf of the
decedent are listed and complete information is given
NOTE: If inconsistent with amount shown in original proceeding, an explanatory affidavit may
be required.)
Under WHEREFORE Clause: has all relief requested been checked and
Is petition dated, signed, verified, properly notarized (including proper jurat
and expiration date of notary’s commission)
Is Combined Verification, Oath and Designation signed
does it set forth proposed fiduciary’s physical address
Is proposed fiduciary a Bank use combined corporate verification, consent and
designation [use page 4 of the petition]
Is attorney’s name, address and phone number listed
Is Part 130 Certification completed by attorney or self-represented party
if NOT, has a separate certification as to Part 130 signing requirements
been included
If forms are computer generated, has a certification pursuant to Court Rules §207.4 been attached
Official Forms for this type of proceeding are:
N CTA-1 (7/98) Petition for Letters of Administration c.t.a. after Probate
N CTA-2 (7/98) Citation (make sure that the full relief requested is included in citation)
N CTA-3 (7/98) Renunciation of Letters of Administration c.t.a., Waiver of Process and Consent to
Dispense with Bond (to be submitted by an adult competent party having a prior or equal right to
that of petitioner) NOTE: The Court may fix a bond in an amount which will adequately protect
creditors and interested persons who have not consented to dispense with a bond
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Administration c.t.a. (After Probate) Proceeding Checklist