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Affidavit of Marriage by Common Law
Affidavit of Marriage by Common Law
Affidavit of Marriage by Common Law - 1
We the undersigned hereby acknowledge that our marriage by operation of common law
commenced on , at which time:
we were residents of the state of ;
we were at least 18 years old, we were not at that time married to other persons,
and that we otherwise had the capacity to consent to the marriage;
we agreed to be married;
we were living together;
we began a reputation of being married, and since then have consistently and
openly held ourselves out to the community as being married; and
there were no legal impediments to our marriage. A legal impediment includes,
but is not limited to, a prior marriage (by common law or otherwise) of either
party that has not been legally terminated by death or divorce, the parties are the
same sex, or the parties are closely related and would be prohibited under state
law from marrying.
We understand that by completing this form, we are asserting that we are married for all
legal purposes and will remain married until death or divorce. We understand that
divorce may occur only as a result of a proceeding in a court of law. The undersigned
employee agrees to inform Stillwater Mining Company of any change in my marital status within
30 days of such change and to present any reasonable evidence of such changes to Stillwater
Mining Company.
We have been advised to consult with an attorney regarding the possibility that the filing of this
Affidavit may have other legal and financial consequences, including the fact that it may, in the
event of the termination of the common law marriage, be regarded as a factor leading a court to
treat the relationship as a legal marriage for the purposes of establishing and dividing property,
assigning joint debt and for the payment of support.
We agree to present such further documentation of our marriage as Stillwater Mining Company
may require and make such documentation available for copying. We certify that any and all
information that we may present as evidence of our marriage is true and accurate and that any
documents presented are authentic.
We understand that misrepresentation of marital status for purposes of obtaining medical or other
benefits may be considered fraud and could make either or both of us liable to repay benefits that
were wrongly obtained. In addition, the undersigned employee may be subject to disciplinary
action up to and including termination of employment.
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Affidavit of Marriage by Common Law