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Amendment to Agreement
Amendment to Agreement
UTAUS CN: ________
Amendment to UTAUS CN: ___________
UT Austin, Ofc. of the VP/CFO, ver Aug14 Page 1 of 2
Instructions for Use:
This Amendment template is used to document substantive revisions to the terms and conditions of an
active fully executed agreement. Minor revisions do not require an Amendment, and can be documented
with a memorandum or email exchange between the two parties.
1. Review the entire agreement and make note of each section requiring revision. Proceed by listing
each revision in the Amendment.
2. Your file documentation should contain information regarding the reason for the Amendment.
Example: If you are amending an Agreement to extend the Term, document why more time is needed.
3. Once you have completed the requested information, please delete the highlighted instructions and
blue-shaded fields before printing the Amendment.
4. When you are ready to submit the Amendment for review and approval, please refer to the “Procedure
for Submitting Business Contracts” at:
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This First Amendment to Agreement between University and Contractor (“Amendment”) is dated effective as of the
later of (Insert month/day/year) or date fully executed by both parties ("Effective Date"), and is entered into by
and between The University of Texas at Austin (“University”), an agency and institution of higher education
organized under the laws of the State of Texas, and <Contractor Name>, a <Type of Business Structure.
Example: Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc.> ("Contractor").
University and Contractor entered into that certain Agreement between University and Contractor dated
effective <Insert effective date of Agreement> (the “Agreement”).
University and Contractor now desire to amend the terms of the Agreement as more particularly set forth
1. [Use this example if revisions to a Section are extensive.]
Section <Insert Section # and Title> of the Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety and
shall hereafter be and read as follows:
[Use this example if revisions to a Section are not extensive. Example: extending the Term of the
Agreement from August 31, 2006 to December 31, 2006.]
Section <Insert Section # and Title> of the Agreement is hereby amended by (choose one: ”deleting
existing Section” or ”deleting (identify specific paragraph or text within Section to be deleted) and inserting
the following in lieu thereof: <Insert new information>”)
[Use this example if you are adding a new Section to the Agreement.]
Section <Insert Section # and Title> is hereby added to the Agreement and shall hereafter be and read as
follows:<Insert new Section>
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Amendment to Agreement