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Amendment to Lease
I:Leasing/Forms/Amendment to Lease 11/2008
This constitutes an Amendment between _________________________________ and
____________________________________ to their current real estate lease agreement.
The parties mutually agree that the lease agreement for the premises located at: _______
____________________________ is hereby amendment as follows:
The lessee is currently leasing _____________________ square feet
of office space at $ ___________________________ per square foot.
This Amendment allows the agency to lease an additional ________
square feet of office space at $ _____________ per square foot. The
rental payments would _____________ from __________ per month
to _________ per month. The effective date of these changes will be
All other terms and conditions contained in the Primary Lease, dated
___________________, as well as Exhibits and Riders to the Primary
Lease shall be applicable to this addendum to the Lease. Additionally,
unless specifically modified, all terms and conditions of the Primary
Lease remain unchanged and in full effect.
_______________________________________ ____________________
Lessor (Landlord) Date
_______________________________________ ____________________
Lessee (Agency Head) Date
_______________________________________ ____________________
Attorney, Department of Administration Date
_______________________________________ ____________________
Director of Facilities Management, Department of Administration Date
_______________________________________ ____________________
Secretary of Administration Date
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