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American Resume Example
American Resume Example
An American Résumé
Johanneke Marie VAN DALE (Janneke)
Breestraat 21 2311 AB LEIDEN the Netherlands
( +31 71 5126511
Age 21 Dutch nationality Full driver's license
Objective To obtain a position as a translator Dutch-English, English-Dutch
Professional Skills Summary
Knowledge at graduate level of translation studies
Experience at junior level with the translation of texts from Dutch to English and
English to Dutch
Experience at junior level with editing and copy-writing
Knowledge of and experience with electronic translation tools
2006-2010 University Leiden, M.A. in English Language and Literature obtained in 2009.
2000-2006 Stedelijk Lyceum Arnhem, Diploma Gymnasium-A (gives entry to university) in the
subjects: Dutch, Latin, French, German, English, History, Social Studies and Music.
Work Experience
2007-present Employment Agency Randfiguur, Leiden, the Netherlands.
Position: Translator.
Responsibilities: Translating and editing work on a project basis.
2006-present Freelance translator.
2009 Translation Agency Snoep en Honnepon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Position: Trainee.
Responsibilities: Correcting and editing translations Dutch-English
and English-Dutch.
Related Experience
2006-2009 Member of the International Students' Association "AISLE".
2008 Member of the Exchange Committee of AISLE, Leiden.
Position: Board Member Activities.
Responsibilities: Liaisoning with European associate clubs; organising social events.
Languages Dutch: native speaker; English: near native speaker; French: good;
German: fair; Italian: good passive skills; Russian: basic.
Other Skills Computer literate: Windows applications; Translation tools (Tradux; electronic
Personal Travelling, international affairs, European history, meeting friends.
2008 ("As Long as he Catches Rats: a Life of Deng Xiao Ping"), in International Student
Weekly, 22, 814-23.
References Professor George Philby, Professor of Translation Studies, Department of English,
University of Leiden, LEIDEN.
Ms. M. Driehuizen, Head of the English Section of Translation Agency Snoep en
Honnepon, AMSTERDAM.
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American Resume Example