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Annual Meeting Minutes Template
Annual Meeting Minutes Template
____________________________________(Name of Company)
The annual meeting of the Shareholders of the corporation was held at_______________________
on _______________________, ___________________at___________ __.M.
The meeting was called to order by _______________________(name) the __________________
(Title) of the corporation.
The secretary then reported that the meeting had been called pursuant to a notice of meeting and/or
waiver of notice thereof in accordance with the by-laws. It was ordered that a copy of the notice and waiver
of notice be appended to the minutes of the meeting.
The secretary then read the roll of Shareholders from the stock transfer ledger. The following
Shareholders were present in person or by proxy:
Shares In Person By Proxy
The chairman stated that a majority of the total number of shares issued and outstanding was represented
and that the meeting was complete and ready to transact any business before it. It was ordered that proxies
be appended to the minutes of the meeting.
The president then gave a general report of the business and finances of the corporation (a copy of
the company’s profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the period of time since the last annual
meeting is attached hereto) and the secretary reported that there has been no changes of Shareholders (or
changes in the amount of stock owned by each Shareholder) since the last such report except as may be
indicated as follows:
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Annual Meeting Minutes Template