Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda Template - Free Download
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Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda Template
Annual Meeting - AGENDA
The sample agenda provided below is intended to be a general guide in preparing for the meeting. It is
not intended to include all of the matters that may be required for any particular company. Readers are
urged to review the law applicable to their company to ensure that matters required to be completed
during the meeting are included in the agenda.
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Of [name of company]
A. Meeting Called to Order
1. Introductions
2. Instructions on Rules of Conduct and Procedures
3. Proof of Notice of Meeting Given
4. Announcement of Existence of Quorum
B. Presentation of Proposals and Discussion
1. Proposal #1 Election of Directors
[List director nominee names.]
2. Proposal #2 Ratification of Auditors
3. Other Proposals
[Describe additional management proposals.]
[Introduce presenter for any shareholder proposals. ]
[Shareholders should be given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the
proposals following the presentation of each proposal, subject to the rules of conduct. Other
Q&A should wait until the general Q&A session after the polls are closed.]
C. Voting
1. Opening of Polls
[Request proxy cards or ballots if shareholders want to vote at the meeting.]
[Statement made that it is not necessary to vote at the meeting unless the shareholder is voting
for the first time or wants to change a previous vote.]
2. Voting on Proposals
3. Closing of Polls
D. Results of Voting
E. Adjournment
F. Management Presentation Regarding Company
G. Question and Answers Regarding Company
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Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda Template