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AP World History Timelines
AP World History Timelines
AP World History Timelines
Bill Strickland
East Grand Rapids High School
Setting the Stage
I assigned these timelines this year for the first time, and I have yet to see how effective they are in
helping my students organize APWH content. (Note: I use Bentley & Zeigler’s Traditions & Encounters,
2 Ed. so the chapters numbers are all keyed to that textbook.)
I use this timeline together with the “Must-Know Dates.” Basically I require students to place the
selected information on the timeline. Students tell me it helps them visualize where and when each event
is located in the “tapestry” of world history. Students will often ask, “Where [in what geographic region]
does NATO belong Americas or Europe” I usually reflect the question right back to them and ask
them to interpret the evidence for themselves. This is an important step in them discovering their own
interpretive “voice” re: history.
Ideally, if students complete the timelines for all five eras (Foundations, 600-1450, etc.) they should
have a chronological “map” that they should be able to use at the end of the year for review. Note that
the timelines themselves are printed on 8-1/2" x 14" (legal size) paper. When I use this in class, I enlarge
the legal size paper to 11" x 17" (tablet) size so students have more room to write.
For the last page, “World History Empires at a Glance” I tried to give a condensed version of all the
information on all the timelines. I created this page just before the Lesson Jamboree deadline, and I
haven’t used it in class yet, so I don’t know how effective it will be. It’s obviously not a list of all
empires, just the ones I’ve spent class time studying.
Teachers should feel free to add, delete, edit any/all names to suit their own emphasis and historical
Hope this helps,
Bill Strickland
East Grand Rapids HS
East Grand Rapids, MI
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AP World History Timelines