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Apa Title Page Cover Template
Apa Title Page Cover Template
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APA Title Page
APA title page format requirements:
A header appears on every page. The words “Running head” only appear on the first
To insert the header into your paper, go to the second page of your document. Select
insert then page number, top of page and select the first option: plain number 1. Type
your title in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Then, hit the tab button two times to get the
page number right aligned.
Go to page one. Click “Different First Page” under Header & Footer Tools. Type
Running head:” then your title in all capital letters. Tab 2 times and type the number 1
Be sure that all information in the header is in a 12-point font to match the text in the
body of your paper.
The title of your paper, your name, and the name of the college belong centered in the
middle of page 1.
Running head: TITLE 1
Title of Paper
Your Name
Name of College
The Running head includes the words “Running head”
with a colon (:). The title of the document, in all capital
letters, belongs after the colon. If the title is long, only
use 50 characters of your title, including spaces and
Note: Some instructors may want
additional information on your title
page like:
Title of Paper
Your Name
Course Name/Number
Basic Formatting for APA Papers:
1-inch margins
Double spaced
Times New Roman or Arial Font
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Apa Title Page Cover Template