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Apartment Lease Agreement 1
Apartment Lease Agreement 1
APARTMENT LEASE: Agreement to lease an unfurnished apartment
By this agreement, made and entered into on _________[date], between _________,
referred to as lessor,” and _________, referred to as "lessee," lessor demises and lets to
lessee, and lessee hires and takes as tenant of lessor, apartment no. _________ of the
building _________[known as _________], situated at _________[address],
_________[city], _________[state], to be used and occupied by lessee as a residence and
for no other use or purpose whatever, for a term of _________ years beginning on
_________[date], and ending on _________[date], at a rental of $_________ per month,
payable monthly, in advance, during the entire term of this lease, to lessor at
_________[address], _________[city] , _________[state], or to any other person or
agent and at any other time or place that lessor may designate.
It is further mutually agreed between the parties as follows:
On the execution of this lease, lessee deposits with lessor $_________, receipt of
which is acknowledged by lessor, as security for the faithful performance by lessee of the
terms of this lease agreement, to be returned to lessee, without interest, on the full and
faithful performance by lessee of the provisions of this lease agreement.
Lessee agrees that the leased apartment shall be occupied by no more than
_________[number] persons, consisting of _________[number] adults and
_________[number] children under the age of _________ years without the prior,
express, and written consent of lessor.
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Apartment Lease Agreement 1