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Apartment Lease Application
Apartment Lease Application
- 1 -
Date of Application:
Location of Apartment: Apt. No.
Name of Tenant:
Other Names Tenant has used:
Drivers License No. State of Issuance:
Social Security Number: Date of Birth:
Marital Status: Spouse Name:
Children Names:
Name of Tenant #2:
SS# Tenant #2:
Who will live in apartment except applicant and children
Place of Employment:
Supervisor: Phone:
Your Job Title: Work Hours:
Monthly Pay: How long at current job
Other sources of income:
Do you intend to reside here indefinitely Yes No
-If no, how long
Have you ever filed Bankruptcy Yes No
-If yes, court and cause number
Are you a party to any lawsuit Yes No
-If yes, please describe.
Are there any judgments against you Yes No
-If yes, please describe.
Bank Name: Phone:
Account No: Account No.
Credit References:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
(Continued on Page 2)
Conditions and Information
All pages of this lease application must be
signed by all persons who will sign the lease
agreement. Additional tenant information is
on page 2.
The completing of this application by Tenant
and the acceptance of this application by
Landlord creates no obligation of Landlord
to approve the application.
This application will be approved or rejected
usually within five (5) days of being
submitted to landlord. However, there is no
obligation of Landlord to notify tenant
unless the application is approved.
If this application is approved, Tenant must
make the security deposit and sign the
lease before the tenancy begins.
Landlord complies with all Federal and State
laws regarding discrimination and does not
discriminate based upon age, sex, race,
marital status, religion, national origin, or
other prohibited classifications.
For Landlord’s Use Only
Rent Amount:
Date Lease to begin:
End of Lease:
Number of Occupants:
Apt. No.
By your signature hereon, you agree that the information disclosed by you herein is true, complete and accurate to the
best of your knowledge, and you agree that the information disclosed by you herein is material to the potential Lessor’s
decision with respect to granting or denying your application to enter into a lease.
Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________
Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________
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Apartment Lease Application