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Apartment Lease Template Word
Apartment Lease Template Word
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THIS LEASE is entered into by and between:
_______________________________________________________ as LESSOR and
_______________________________________________________ as LESSEE.
LESSOR does hereby lease the premises described as apartment number_____________,
located at _______________________________________St. Louis, Missouri, 631___, together with the
fixtures, carpeting and appliances therein (referred to herein as the “APARTMENT”), unto LESSEE for a term
beginning____________, 20____ and ending on___________, 20____, unless sooner terminated or extended as
hereinafter provided.
In consideration whereof, and of the covenants herein expressed and in reliance on statements made on
the application for tenancy by LESSEE, it is covenanted and agreed as follows:
LESSEE agrees to pay LESSOR as rent for the Apartment a monthly rate of $_________
in advance, due on the ______day of each month during the term of this lease. All payments for rent shall be
made by LESSEE to LESSOR at the following:
In the event any rent hereunder is not paid prior to the _____day of the month in which
rent is due, LESSEE shall be charged and his payments must include an additional $10.00 (ten dollars) PLUS
ONE DOLLAR PER DAY penalty which is deemed to be additional rent. In addition, in the event any rent
hereunder is paid by means of a check and such check is returned unpaid for whatever reason, the LESSEE
agrees to pay LESSOR promptly upon demand the sum of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) as a reasonable amount
to defray LESSOR’S administrative and handling expenses caused by a returned check. In addition, LESSEE
must immediately replace returned checks with cash, cashiers check or money order ONLY. LESSOR’S failure
on any occasion to demand payment of daily penalties shall not be deemed as a waiver of the right to demand
the above charges on any future occasion.
LESSEE has deposited with LESSOR the sum of $__________ to be held by LESSOR as security for
the faithful performance and observance by LESSEE of the terms, covenants and condition of this LEASE. It is
agreed that in the event LESSEE defaults in respect to any of the terms, covenants and conditions of this
LEASE, including, but not limited to, any repairs due to LESSEE damage, cleaning charges, key charges, or
any costs from damages or deficiency accrued before or after re-entry by LESSOR, those costs will be deducted
from the security deposit. In the event that LESSEE fully and faithfully complies with all terms, covenants and
conditions of this LEASE, the security deposit shall be returned to LESSEE without interest within thirty (30)
days after the end lease term and after delivery of entire possession of the Apartment to LESSOR.
In the event of a sale of the land and building, LESSOR reserves the right to transfer the security deposit
to the new owner and LESSOR shall thereupon be released by LESSEE from all liability for the return of said
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Apartment Lease Template Word