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Apartment Lease Template Word
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security, and LESSEE agrees to look to the new LESSOR, solely, for return of said security. If the LESSOR
uses all or any part of security to remedy a default on the part of the LESSEE, LESSEE shall deposit with
LESSOR the sum of money necessary to replenish the security deposit to the original amount set forth above
within ten (10) days demand of such funds.
PET DEPOSIT/PET CLEANING: Animals such as birds, dogs, cats or other animal will not be
allowed or permitted in, upon or about the premises without the express written consent of the LESSOR. If such
consent has been given, LESSEE will give the LESSOR a pet security deposit in the amount of $__________
which will be held by LESSOR as a guarantee that LESSEE will return the premises without damages and in
original condition. The LESSEE agrees to allow LESSOR to deduct the full cost of carpet cleaning, pest
extermination and air freshener from the deposit. LESSOR reserves the right to inspect LESSEE’s apartment for
damages that may have been caused by LESSEE’s pet(s) and if any damage or unnecessary disturbance has
occurred because of pet(s), LESSEE will agree to vacate premises and LEASE will be considered broken.
PET TYPE AND SIZE___________________________________________________________
LESSEE shall initiate, contract for and obtain and terminate in its name, all utility services required on
the premises, including gas, electricity, cable and telephone connections and services. LESSEE shall pay all
charges for those services as they become due. LESSEE is responsible to meet and admit utility representatives
into premises. LESSOR may elect to terminate this LEASE if LESSEE fails or refuses to pay the charges for
utility services as assessed or incurred.
LESSOR shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage resulting from negligent
operation or faulty installation of utility services provided for use on the premises, nor shall LESSOR be liable
for any injury or damage suffered by LESSEE as a result of the failure to make necessary repairs to the utility
LESSEE has inspected the Apartment and is satisfied with the physical condition thereof, and
LESSEE’s taking possession of the Apartment shall be conclusive evidence that the same was in good condition
and repair unless expressly noted in writing. LESSEE agrees that no representations as to the condition or repair
of the Apartment have been made except as herein contained and that no promise to decorate, alter, repair or
improve Apartment prior to or during the term has been made, unless expressly provided in this LEASE.
LESSEE shall take good care of the Apartment and its fixtures, furniture and furnishings, and shall
report promptly in writing to the manager when any equipment or fixture or portion of the Apartment is out of
repair. LESSEE shall be responsible for ordinary maintenance and repair of the Apartment, and for upkeep and
maintenance of any patios, balconies, wood decks or other areas reserved for the private use of LESSEE. All
plate and other glass now in the apartment are at the risk of LESSEE, and if broken, are to be replaced by and at
the expense of LESSEE. No alterations, additions or improvements in the Apartment or the building or grounds
in the complex of which the apartment is a part may be made by LESSEE without the prior written consent of
LESSOR. Any alterations, additions, improvements put in at the expense of the LESSEE shall become the
property of LESSOR and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the Apartment as part thereof at the
termination of this LEASE. If LESSOR consents to any work, LESSEE shall indemnify and hold LESSOR
harmless, against any and all claims, costs, damages, liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees) which
may be brought or imposed against or incurred by LESSOR in connections with such work. All mechanics liens
filed by reason of such work shall be discharged by LESSEE, at his/her expense, within ten (10) days after
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Apartment Lease Template Word