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Apartment Lease Template Word
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LESSEE shall be responsible and liable for any and all injury or damage done to the Apartment or to the
building or complex in which the same is located, or the lawns, grounds, trees, shrubbery, sidewalks and
complex surrounding the building, or to any and all property of LESSOR or other tenants caused by LESSEE’s
acts or omission, or by those of LESSEE’s family, servants, agents, guests, permittee, invitee, other persons or
pets whom LESSEE permits to be in, on or about the Apartment, building or complex, including injury or
damage due to the operation, maintenance or control of heating and cooling equipment, appliances, fixtures and
LESSEE shall also be liable for damage due to the failure to maintain heat therein to prevent damage to the
Apartment. The extent and amount of damages to be charged to the LESSEE shall be determined by the
LESSOR and shall be payable on demand by LESSOR. Should LESSOR pay or be required to pay or have
expense for any act or omission by virtue of LESSEE’s tenancy, or caused by, through or under LESSEE, his
family, servants, agents, guests or others, then the same shall be paid by LESSEE as accrued additional rent.
LESSOR reserves the right in accordance herewith to enter the Apartment in order to inspect same,
make necessary or agreed repairs, decoration, alterations, or improvements, supply necessary or agreed services,
or exhibit the Apartment to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen or contractors, or as
is otherwise necessary in the operation and/or protection of the building, its components or persons therein. At
LESSOR’s discretion, LESSOR may retain and use copies of any keys necessary for access to the Apartment
within the last 30 days of this LEASE, after default of LEASE by LESSEE or within the 30 days of LESSEE’s
notified intent to vacate. LESSOR retains the right to show the Apartment for rent with sufficient notice.
LESSEE specifically consents that LESSOR may enter the Apartment for the above purposes at times when
LESSEE is not present.
LESSEE should and can insure possessions and hold harmless LESSOR for any of his/her possessions
in the Apartment or any other part of the building or complex. Any possessions of the LESSEE shall be placed
in said Apartment, building or complex at the risk of the LESSEE only.
LESSEE further agrees that LESSOR, its agents and employees shall not be liable for damage to the
persons or property of LESSEE or any other person occupying or visiting the Apartment, building or complex,
becoming out of repair (as example and not by way of limitation, damage caused by water, snow, ice, frost,
steam, sewage, sewer, gas or odors, heating, cooling or ventilating equipment, bursting or leaking pipes, faucets
and plumbing fixtures, mechanical breakdown or failure, electrical failure, security services or devices or mail
boxes being misused or becoming temporarily out of order or fire), or due to the happening of any accident in or
about the building complex or due to any act or neglect of any other tenant or occupant of the building, or any
other person.
LESSEE further hereby agrees to fully indemnify, protect, defend and save harmless LESSOR from and
against any and all claims, demands, charges, costs, attorney’s fees and liability for or relating to any loss,
damage, injury or other casualty to persons or property, caused by, growing out of, or injury, or other casualty
to persons happening in connection with LESSEE’s use or occupancy of the Apartment or LESSEE’s use of any
equipment, facilities or property in, on or adjacent to the building and complex in which the Apartment is
Any personal property of whatever kind left outside the Apartment or left in the Apartment or any
storeroom, storage area or garage spaces by LESSEE upon his abandonment or vacation thereof (whether or not
at termination of this LEASE) shall be deemed abandoned, and the LESSEE or other owner thereof shall have
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Apartment Lease Template Word