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no further right or claim thereto, and LESSOR shall have the right and option to take possession of such
property and sell, destroy, or otherwise dispose of the same.
Any rules of conduct attached to this LEASE shall be a part of this LEASE. LESSEE agrees to keep and
observe these rules of conduct and also agrees to keep and observe reasonable rules as may be promulgated by
LESSOR or LESSEE’s agent for the necessary and proper care of the building and complex, provided such
rules do not materially change the terms contained in the body of this LEASE.
Default happens if LESSEE:
1. Shall fail to pay the rent or additional rent when due, or
2. Shall default in fulfilling any of the covenants of this lease and said default continues for five (5)
days after LESSOR gives notice to LESSEE of said default, or
3. Vacates or abandons the premises, or
4. Shall fail to move in and take possession of the premises within thirty (30) days after the
commencement of the term, or
5. Makes any misrepresentation on the Application for Tenancy, or
6. Acquires a petition in bankruptcy filed against LESSEE or a receiver is appointed for any of the said
foregoing events, (each of which is a default).
LESSEE’s right to possession of the above named premises shall terminate immediately without notice.
In any of the foregoing events, LESSOR may, at its option, give to LESSEE five (5) days written notice
expressly stating its intention to end the term of this LEASE and stating the reason therefore, at the expiration of
said five (5) days, their term under this LEASE shall expire as fully and completely as if that day were the date
herein definitely fixed for the expiration of the term, and the LESSEE will then quit and surrender the LEASED
premises to LESSOR, but LESSEE shall remain liable as hereinafter provided:
1. Defaults, which terminates LESSEE’s right to possession, or
2. LESSOR exercises its aforesaid option to terminate this LEASE.
Upon any termination of this LEASE, LESSEE or any person holding under him shall yield immediate
possession to LESSOR and failing to do so means that LESSEE, or the person under him, shall pay as stipulated
rent, a sum equal to twice the rent herein reserved for each day of such withholding. The acceptance of
stipulated rent by LESSOR shall not constitute a waiver of its right to re-entry as detailed above.
LESSEE shall pay LESSOR as accrued additional rent, all LESSOR’s costs, expenses and attorney’s
fees pertaining to the enforcement of the covenants and agreements of this LEASE, whether or not suit is filed.
The following outlines the LESSOR Move Out Policy in addition to the other provisions of this Lease
1. All kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers are to be cleaned
2. Appliances on the premises are to be cleaned
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