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Apartment Lease Template Word
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In all references to LESSEE herein, the singular shall be deemed to include the plural and the masculine,
the feminine. Where this LEASE is signed by more than one person as LESSEE, all such persons shall be
jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent and any additional rent and the performance of all covenants
and agreements to be kept by LESSEE hereunder.
If any provisions of this LEASE shall be declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder
of the LEASE shall continue in full force and effect.
No oral agreements, statements, representations, understanding or promises, if any, by anyone made,
from any source, or relied upon by any party hereto, shall affect, alter or modify any terms or provisions herein
and only those writing signed by all the parties hereto shall be a part hereof.
Each party acknowledges that he has read this LEASE and agrees to the terms herein contained.
The laws of the State of Missouri shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties to this LEASE.
All the covenants and the agreements of this LEASE shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of
the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of LESSOR AND LESSEE.
The failure of the LESSEE to notify LESSOR in writing (in manner herein provided of intention to
vacate and terminate this LEASE) prior to one month of the expiration or extended expiration date hereof, then
in that event this LEASE shall be automatically renewed and continued under the same terms and conditions for
like terms as originally set out except the now provided monthly rental thereof shall be increased by
____________ over the current rental rate, and the term of Lease shall be continued by one (1) year.
If LESSEE notifies LESSOR of intention to vacate and/or surrender LEASED premises, or not to renew
LEASE, and LESSEE fails to vacate or surrender possession at said effective date set out therein, LESSOR may
at its option treat such as a renewal of this LEASE for like period (as if no notice given) and LESSEE shall pay
expense or damages suffered by LESSOR by virtue of said notice, relying upon, or based upon said notice, and
LESSEE agrees to defend and hold LESSOR harmless therefore. Rent shall be doubled for each day LESSEE
holds over after effective date of notice to terminate.
Not withstanding anything to the contrary appearing above, LESSOR may by letter to LESSEE notify
him that the LEASE will not be renewed, by at least one month’s notice prior to any expiration date.
ATTACHMENTS TO THIS LEASE AGREEMENT: The attached listed below are covenants to and
considered as a part of this Lease Agreement:
1. Rules of Conduct for Occupancy to be Observed in the Use of the Premises Leased Therein as published
by and provided by the City of St. Louis.
2. Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint Hazards
3. ____________________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________________
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source: stlouis-mo.gov
Apartment Lease Template Word