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Asset Management Template
Mission Statement
The Maintenance Department’s mission is to effectively and efficiently provide
safe, clean, reliable, and comfortable vehicles for use by its customers and
Graduated Preventative Maintenance Program
The emphasis of XYZ Transit System’s maintenance program is preventive rather
than reactive maintenance. A strong preventive maintenance program effectively
reduces overall maintenance costs by decreasing the number of road calls and the
high cost of unpredictable repairs caused by reactive maintenance. XYZ Transit
System uses a graduated preventative maintenance program (PM) that is based on
the manufacturer’s recommendations and modified based on our experience and
the local conditions we deal with in XYZ County. Solid PM practices maximize
useful life, are cost efficient over the life of the vehicle, and ensures that our
vehicles remain in safe operating condition.
XYZ Transit has an aggressive preventive maintenance program that schedules
bus inspections based on a variety of categories. A PM schedule is developed for
each type or group of vehicles we operate. The PM schedule established is based
upon usage and vehicle type. The schedule is progressive. Each successive PM
includes a higher level of maintenance inspection activity. Vehicles are inspected
based on mileage and time. In addition, each vehicle receives an annual
comprehensive inspection.
XYZ Transit staff continually review our maintenance practices to identify
potential improvements to the program. This assures optimum benefits from the
scheduled inspections. Engine oil analysis is an integral part of the inspection
program. Oil analysis occurs differently for different fleet types. Some are based
on mileage or hours operated. The purpose is for early identification of unusual
engine wear thereby, acting to prevent catastrophic engine failures.
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Asset Management Template