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Auction Sale Certificate Template
Auction Sale Certificate Template
Proprietor Name (first, middle, last, suffix)
Business Name
Business Address
Vehicle Identification Number
Work Order Estimate
Estimate Date
Repair Date
Balance Due At Sale
Privilege Sales License Tax Number
I am the proprietor of the garage, repair shop or service station shown above. On or about the Estimate Date above, the
owner of the vehicle above agreed to pay me, for and in consideration of labor, material, supplies and storage for said
motor vehicle, the Work Order Estimate above. I did furnish for said motor vehicle, pursuant to the aforementioned
agreement, labor, material, supplies and storage, as listed on the attached copy of work order, invoice or sales slip, all of
which was completed on the Repair Date above. There were no liens or conditional sales of record against said motor
vehicle at the time I began to furnish said motor vehicle with labor, material, supplies and storage. Said motor vehicle was
retained in my possession for 20 days after completion of the aforementioned services; for which there remained an
unpaid balance.
The owner then failed to pay said balance within 10 days after being notified to do so. (Notice required only if the owner
resides in the same county where the vehicle is located.)
Upon failure of said owner to pay said balance, I proceeded to sell said motor vehicle at public auction. Five days notice of
such sale (a copy of which is attached) was given the owner of said motor vehicle by one of the following:
By sending the notice of sale to the owner of said motor vehicle by registered mail, evidenced by the attached return
By publishing the notice of sale in two publications of a newspaper in the county in which the motor vehicle was sold, as
shown by attached affidavit of publisher (if the owner cannot be located).
Said motor vehicle was sold on the date below in accordance with the provisions of the notice of sale for the Sale Amount
listed below. A bill of sale was given the buyer, which described said motor vehicle, showed the amount paid for the same,
and indicated that said motor vehicle was sold pursuant to the provisions of ARS 33-1023.
Buyer Name (first, middle, last, suffix)
Date Sold
Sale Amount
Street Address
Complete This Portion Only If There Is A Surplus
The surplus over and above the amount of the charges against said motor vehicle was paid in accordance with the
provisions of ARS 33
Payee (check one)
Owner State Treasurer
Payee Name (if owner)
Surplus Amount
Seller Signature
Acknowledged before me this date.
Notary or MVD Agent Signature
Commission Expires
46-8503 R10/14
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Auction Sale Certificate Template