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Baby Gift Registry Checklist
Here are three easy ways to set up your Gift Registry:
Shop In-Store
Pop in store and start shopping!
As you browse through our extensive range
and select your favourite products, keep track
of your list in the area provided at the back of
this booklet by ensuring you fill out the:
SKU (our unique 5 digit product code)
Product description
Then take your booklet home and use your
shopping list to complete your baby gift
registry online.
• Create an account or log in with your
existing account details
• Click on ‘gift registry’ on the left under ‘My
Account’ section to create a new registry
• Click on ‘add items’ to add the products
listed from your Baby Gift Registry Booklet.
Enter the 5 digit SKU into the ‘Search by SKU’
box and your item will come up. Click on
‘add to gift registry’ and your item will
automatically be added to your ‘wish list’.
You can also add items from our online store
which has a wide range of products available.
NOTE: not all products in-store are available online.
If you prefer to set up your registry instantly, this
can be done in-store using your mobile phone.
• Visit our website:
• Click on ‘Gift Registry’ and log in with your
account details
• Browse through our extensive range and add
your favourite products to your registry by
entering the SKU (unique 5 digit product code)
for each item into your phone.
• Click ‘Add to Gift Registry’ for each item you
choose and this will automatically update your
registry as you go!
Mobile Shop
If you can’t visit a store to select your products,
we do have a wide range available in our
online store.
Once you’ve created your account online,
browse the products in our online store.
Click on any products of interest and then click
the ‘Add to Gift Registry’ button on each
product you would like to add to your list.
You may edit your gift registry at any time.
Shop Online
Create your Gift Registry
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Baby Gift Registry Checklist