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Baby Gift Registry Checklist Page 5
Baby Gift Registry Checklist
Share your Gift Registry
Once you’ve created your perfect list, log in online or via
your mobile and share it with your friends and family.
Click on ‘gift registry’ on the left under
‘My Account’ section, then click on ‘share’
in the right box.
Here you can enter as many recipients as
you wish and then ‘Share Gift Registry’.
Your recipients will automatically receive an
email announcing your registry with a link
through to details about your event and the
list of products in your registry. Please note
your gift registry list can only be accessed via
the email link or by picking up a copy
at any one of our stores.
Your registry gifts can be purchased at
any of our stores and many via our online
shop. Products purchased in our online store
can also be shipped directly to any address
in Australia.
Once a gift has been purchased, your registry
is updated instantly across all stores and
online to ensure no duplicates!
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Baby Gift Registry Checklist