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Balanced Scorecard Template
Balanced Scorecard Template
Balanced Scorecard Project
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Templates are commonly used as a tool to assist in building the Balanced Scorecard.
For example, we can use a template to construct the Strategic Map for each Strategic
Theme. This Excel Workbook contains several templates to help you develop a Balanced
Scorecard. The templates are clean, simple spreadsheets that you can modify easily.
Additionally, the templates are arranged in sequence according to the flow of the
development process. Templates 1 through 14 are used to help design the Balanced
Scorecard while templates 15 through 18 are for information purposes only.
Template Title Purpose
1 Basic checklist of strategic information you need to collect
2 Timeline for Six Step Development Process
3 Basic checklist to follow in forming three team approach
4 Critical issues that Core Team must complete
5 Basic template for listing your strategic goals
6 Checklist to test that you have a good set of strategic themes
7 Four layer map for plotting and connecting strategic objectives
8 Template for defining and testing each measurement
9 Compile attributes for each measurement in the Scorecard
10 Compare outcome measures vs. driver measures
11 Quick checklist for determining targets
12 Compile selected attributes for programs
13 Grid for evaluating programs against strategic objectives
14 Summary of Objectives / Measurements / Targets / Programs *
15 Summarize Control vs. Strategic Management Process
16 Basic generic model for building objectives and measurements
17 Summary of measurement types and examples
18 Roll out plan for organizational wide implementation of scorecard
* this is the final balanced scorecard
Prepared by: Matt H. Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM
Date Prepared: April 21, 2001
Not subject to copyright, feel free to modify or change these worksheets.
Process Inputs Checklist
Development Timeline
Team Formation Checklist
Core Team Checklist
Establish Goals
Themes Checklist
Strategic Map
Measurement Definition
Measurement Summary
Lag Lead Comparison
Target Checklist
Program Attributes
Program Selection Grid
O - M - T - P Summary
Control vs. Strategic
Generic Model
Measurement Basics
Implementation Plan Example
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Balanced Scorecard Template