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Bank Reconciliation Sample Reports
Bank Deposit Posting Journal
The Checkbook Posting Journal shows detailed information about the
transactions entered in another module that updated Bank Reconciliation
when posted. The checkbook ID, payment type, number, date, amount,
who the payment was made to or received from, and the transaction
description are displayed for each transaction. The Checkbook Posting
Journal also indicates if a transaction hasn’t been posted because of an
error. This report is a part of the audit trail and should be kept with your
permanent records.
Posting journals can be printed only if you selected to print them in the
Posting Setup window. For more information, refer to the System
Manager documentation.
You can print the posting journal to a file as well as to the printer, in case
of a printing error. The contents of this file can be printed at any time.
The Checkbook Posting Journal can be reprinted at any time as long as
you’ve marked the Reprint option in the Audit Trail Codes Setup window
and have not removed history for the transactions.
Printing Instructions
To reprint a Checkbook Posting Journal:
1. Choose Reports >> Financial >> Bank Posting Jrnls to open the
Financial Posting Journals window.
2. Select Checkbook Journal from the Reports list and choose New to
open the Financial Posting Journal Options window.
3. Enter an option name and create a report option to sort or restrict the
report. Ranges and sorting options are available only for the
reprinted posting journals.
4. Choose Destination. Select a printing destination and choose OK. The
Financial Posting Journal Options window will be redisplayed.
5. Choose Print.
For more information about printing Bank Reconciliation reports, refer to
the Bank Reconciliation documentation.
Report Writer name
Bank Deposit Posting Journal
- Reprint
Report tables
CM Journal
CM Receipt
CM Transaction
CM Transaction Type Setup
Audit Trail Code
Sorting option
Audit Trail Code
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