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Bank Reconciliation Sample Reports
Voided Receipts Removal Report
The Voided Receipts Removal Report shows historical receipts that were
removed if you chose to remove voided receipts from history. The
checkbook ID, type, number, date, amount, account number, posting
date, audit trail code, and whether the amount was debited or credited
are displayed for each voided receipt.
Before printing the Voided Receipts Removal Report or removing history,
make a backup of the company’s Finance folder.
Printing Instructions
To print the Voided Receipts Removal Report before removing history:
1. Choose Utilities >> Financial >> Remove Bank History to open the
Remove Bank History window.
2. Mark the Print Report Only option, select Voided Receipts as the
history type and select a range of transactions.
3. Choose Process.
4. Select a printing destination and choose OK.
After reviewing the report, you can remove history. Mark the Remove
History option and select a range, then choose Process. The Voided
Receipts Removal Report prints when the removal is complete. This
report should be kept with your permanent records.
Once you’ve removed history, you won’t be able to print bank history
reports or reprint posting journals for the transactions you’ve removed.
For more information about printing Bank Reconciliation reports, refer to
the Bank Reconciliation documentation.
Report Writer name
Voided Receipts Removal
Report tables
CM Receipt
CM Journal
CM Distribution Duplicate
Account Master
Checkbook ID
Voided Receipt Number
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Bank Reconciliation Sample Reports