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Bank Reconciliation Sample Reports
Checkbook Register Report
The Checkbook Register Report displays the transactions for each
payment and deposit. The number, date, type, paid-to or received-from
information, reconciliation information, and origin are listed for each
transaction along with the payment or deposit amount. The checkbook’s
current balance and user-defined information also are displayed on the
report. If you choose to view the functional currency and the currency
assigned to the checkbook is not the functional currency, the Current
Balance field and heading will not print.
Printing Instructions
To print the Checkbook Register Report for an individual checkbook:
1. Choose Inquiry >> Financial >> Checkbook Register to open the
Checkbook Register Inquiry window.
2. Enter or select a checkbook ID.
3. Choose File >> Print.
To print the Checkbook Register Report for multiple checkbooks:
1. Choose Reports >> Financial >> Checkbook to open the Checkbook
Reports window.
2. Select Checkbook Register from the Reports list and choose New to
open the Checkbook Report Options window.
3. Enter an option name and create a report option to sort or restrict the
report. You can choose to include reconciled, unreconciled, and
voided transactions on the report.
4. Choose Destination. Select a printing destination and choose OK. The
Checkbook Report Options window will be redisplayed.
5. Choose Print.
You can print the Checkbook Register Report from either the Checkbook
Reports window or the Checkbook Report Options window. You also can
save the report option and print later.
For more information about printing Bank Reconciliation reports, refer to
the Bank Reconciliation documentation.
Report Writer name
Checkbook Register
Report tables
CM Transaction
CM Transaction Type Setup
CM Checkbook Master
Checkbook ID
User-Defined 1
Sorting options
User-Defined 1
Reconciled transactions
Unreconciled transactions
Voided transactions
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Bank Reconciliation Sample Reports