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Bank Reference Letter Format
Bank Reference Letter Format
Bank Reference Letter Format
State Administration of Industrial & Commerce,
We hereby confirm that _________________(Company name or individual name ) is a valued
customer of our bank.
Our relationship has been entirely satisfactory. We consider the client to be respectable.
This information is given in strict confidence and without any responsibility, howsoever arising,
on the part of the Bank or its officers.
Yours faithfully,
Print name of officer:
Authorized Signature:
The letter should be:
1. In its original format
2. Signed by a responsible member of the bank
3. Bank letterhead
Note: this letter is OK for Representative Office (1 original), Service, Hi-Tech WFOE (2 originals), Trading
WFOE (2 originals), Consulting WFOE (2 originals), Manufacturing WFOE (2 originals) etc. use in China.
Wording of bank reference letter must be mentioned things like: good standing, satisfactory, or
respectable etc. Contact us at: if you have any questions about this letter.
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Bank Reference Letter Format