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Basic Contractor Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality agreement for third party suppliers
Who are third parties covered by this agreement
Third parties are defined as retained staff located on-site for a period of time
as defined within their contract or who provide systems, or support to council
systems remotely. They could include the following:
Hardware and software maintenance and support staff (for all of the
Hardware and software vendors and service providers.
Cleaning, catering, security guards and other outsourced support services (for
general contractor clause and form on back page)
Information Security Incidents
If an information security incident occurs that affects, or potentially affects the
security of Cumbria County Council information, the contractor agrees to notify
Cumbria County Council IT service desk as soon as the issue is identified.
It is expected that regular updates on the progress of security incident investigations
will be provided to the council Information Security team.
General contractor clause
The Contractor undertakes:
To treat as confidential all information which may be derived from or be
obtained in the course of the contract or which may come into the possession
of the contractor or an employee, servant or agent or sub-contractor of the
contractor as a result or in connection with the contract; and
To provide all necessary precautions to ensure that all such information is
treated as confidential by the contractor, his employees, servants, agents or
sub-contractors; and
To ensure that he, his employees, servants, agents and sub-contractors are
aware of the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and BS7799 and that
any personal information obtained from the Authority/Trust/Practice shall not
be disclosed or used in any unlawful manner; and
To indemnify Cumbria County Council against any loss arising under the Data
Protection Act 1998 caused by any action, authorised or unauthorised, taken
by himself, his employees, servants, agents or sub-contractors.
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Basic Contractor Confidentiality Agreement