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In conclusion, I would [highly] recommend [student]. If his/her performance in my
class(es) is any indication of how she/he'd perform [on the job, in grad uate school, etc.],
[student] will be a positive addition to your [firm, college, etc.].
If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
A Few Tips on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
First Paragraph -- Start out by specifying in what capacity and for how long you have
know the person whom you are recommending. If the person is an employee or
coworker, indicate the term of employment, the responsibilities of the position, and any
significant projects undertaken by the individual. You may wish to include a sentence
about the nature of your company and its activities. Here, you can also give a one-
sentence summary or overview of your opinion of the recommended individual.
Second Paragraph -- In the next paragraph provide a more detailed evaluation of the
person as an employee. Describe his or her performance on specific assignments and list
any important accomplishments. What are the individual's strengths or shortcomings in
the workplace What was it like to interact with him or her
Third Paragraph -- To sum things up you can make a more broad characterization of
the individual and his or her demeanor. Overall, was the person responsible, polite, warm,
disagreeable, lazy, spiteful Finally, indicate the degree to which you recommend the
individual for the position she or he is seeking: without reservation, strongly, with some
reservation, or not at all.
Concentrate on several different aspects of the person. Specifically identify his/her
skills, attitudes, personal attributes, and growth, as well as his/her contributions
to and performance within your organization. Also, if you do make negative
comments, back them up with facts.
Avoid bland words such as:
nice, good, fairly, reasonable, decent, satisfactory
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Basic Employement Reference Letter