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Use powerful words such as:
articulate, effective, sophisticated, intelligent, observant, significant, expressive, creative,
efficient, cooperative, imaginative, assertive, dependable, mature, innovative
1. The following list of attributes (compiled by the National Association of Colleges
and Employers) is often listed by employers as tools on which to base eventual
selection. So, these are excellent points to address:
o ability to communicate
o intelligence
o self-confidence
o willingness to accept responsibility
o initiative
o leadership
o energy level
o imagination
o flexibility
o interpersonal skills
o self-knowledge
o ability to handle conflict
o goal achievement
o competitiveness
o appropriate vocational skills
o direction.
2. A recent national publication (1991 ASCUS Annual) listed the following eight
intangibles as important when evaluating teaching candidates:
1. empathy,
2. native intelligence,
3. a divergent, abstract thinking style,
4. a high level of commitment,
5. the ability to be a "self-starter,"
6. a high energy level,
7. the recognition that excellence is a journey, not a destination, and
8. the potential ability to lead.
2. Other skills
1. communication skills (written and oral)
2. willingness to take initiative
3. level of motivation
4. planning and organizational skills
5. technical or professional knowledge or skills
6. flexibility/adaptability
7. interpersonal skills
8. willingness to accept responsibility/leadership
9. analytical/problem-solving ability
10. group interaction and team-working skills
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Basic Employement Reference Letter