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Basic Instruction Template
Basic Instruction Template
CalTPADesigning Instruction Task ID #00000000
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Before beginning this task, read the complete directions provided in the CalTPA Candidate
Step 1: Academic Content Selection and Learning about Students
An important step in planning instruction is to learn about your students. Select one class, one
content area, and the state-adopted academic content standards or state-adopted framework (if
your single subject content area does not have content standards) for this task. Respond to the
questions below about this class, unit of study, and how you learn about the students.
A. Academic Content Selection
Grade Level: ________________________
Content Area: ________________________
Subject Matter: ________________________
1. List the state-adopted academic content standards or state-adopted framework that you
will cover for this unit of study.
2. Describe the unit of study that addresses those standards.
3. What is (are) the academic learning goal(s) for this unit of study
Class Information
Age range of students: _____________ Number of male students: _______
Total number of students: _________ Number of female students: ______
B. Student Characteristics
Linguistic Background
1. What information that may influence instruction do you want to learn about your
2. How will you learn about your students Describe the methods you will use and why
you have chosen to use those particular methods.
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Basic Instruction Template