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Electronic Warfare School, San Diego, California, 1971
Combat Replacement Crew Training in F-4B/F-4J Aircraft,
San Diego, California 1971-1972. Designated Ready
Replacement Pilot, March 1972.
Naval Fighter Weapons School, "Topgun", San Diego,
California, 1972. Designated Squadron Weapons and
Tactics Instructor, 1972.
Combat Replacement Crew Training in F-14A Aircraft,
San Diego, California, 1973. Designated Ready
Replacement Pilot December 1973.
Understanding Personal Worth and Racial Dignity (Upward)
Seminar, San Diego, California 1974. Equal Opportunity
Instructor Training in F-14A Fleet Replacement Training
Squadron, San Diego, California, 1975.
U. S. Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent River, Maryland,
1976-1977. Designated Naval Test Pilot 1977.
Astronaut Candidate Training, Houston, Texas, 1978-1979.
Designated Astronaut July 1979.
Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Houston, Texas, February 1989.
Cockpit Resource Management, Houston, Texas, 1992.
Senior Managers Safety Course, Houston, Texas, 1996.
Boeing 737 Initial Type Training, Flight Safety Incorporated,
Houston, Texas, January 1996.
Southwest Airlines Pilot Training, Dallas, Texas,
November and December 1996.
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