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Test Pilot, Strike Aircraft Test Directorate, NAS
Patuxent River, Maryland, July 1977-July 1978. Experience
in flight testing F-14A aircraft including first flight and flight
envelope expansion and demonstration of reconnaissance
version of the F-14A. Flight tests of engine failure and flight
control system failure characteristics to evaluate causes of
F-14A accidents in squadron use.
Astronaut Candidate, NASA Johnson Space Center,
Houston, Texas, July 1978- July 1979. Instruction in all
aspects of Space Flight and Space Shuttle operation leading
to designation as Astronaut in July 1979.
Astronaut, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas,
July 1979 to November 1996. Work experience as
listed, all within assignments at NASA.
Support Crew for Space Shuttle flight 3, January 1979 to
February 1980. Worked on operations, flight design,
procedures and mechanization of systems in support of the
mission scheduled to perform the reboost of the Skylab
Vehicle Processing Team, April 1979-February 1980.
Member of Space Shuttle Orbiter processing team for the
first Space Shuttle flight. Designed and reviewed procedures
to test the vehicle and its systems prior to first flight,
conducted hardware tests as a crew member, and
coordinated with engineers and test team to support crew
training and scheduling.
Space Shuttle Airborne Chase Pilot for first Space Shuttle
Flight, April 1979-April 1981. Developed procedures and
maneuvers necessary to rendezvous with and escort Space
Shuttles returning from orbit to landing. Flew training
missions, trained controllers, designed flight profiles, and
flew chase for the first Space Shuttle flight April 12-14, 1981
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