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Test Pilot, Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory, February
1980-July 1981. Designed test profiles, flew simulated
missions in avionics test laboratory to evaluate Space
Shuttle systems and software in simulated flight
Team Leader, Space Shuttle Airborne Chase Team for
second Space Shuttle flight, May 1981-November 1981.
Leader of team of 6 astronauts and technicians responsible
for airborne chase and escort of second Space Shuttle
mission. Trained all team members, coordinated support
requirements and logistics for training and flight support as
well as budget for the team. Flew escort for the mission from
November 12-14, 1981.
Team Leader, Astronaut Support Team to Shuttle Avionics
Integration Laboratory, July 1981-May 1982. Lead Astronaut
in charge of a team of 15 astronauts supporting testing in
lab to certify computers and software for flight. Managed
support requirements for testing, training new astronauts,
scheduling test support, and reporting of results.
Deputy Division Chief, Aircraft Operations Division, May
1982-April 1983. Deputy Chief of the division responsible
for maintenance and operation of NASA aircraft assigned
to Johnson Space Center. Division consisted of over 300
people, over 35 aircraft, annual operating budget over 35
million dollars. Managed personnel issues, training, flight
support for Space Shuttle launches, Flight Readiness
Reviews, as well as Aircraft maintenance and Facilities
Pilot, Space Shuttle Mission 41-B, April 1983-April 1984.
Trained and flew the Tenth Space Shuttle mission February
3-11, 1984. Second in command of the flight which launched
two Communications Satellites valued at 200 million dollars
each, tested Shuttle rendezvous equipment for the first time,
performed the first-ever untethered spacewalks, and made
the first landing by a Space Shuttle at the Kennedy Space
Center in Florida.
Deputy Division Chief, NASA Aircraft Operations Division,
April 1984-January 1985. Resumed the duties of Deputy
Chief after completion of Space Flight in February 1984.
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