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Crew Commander, Space Shuttle Flight STS-61C, the
Twenty-fourth mission of a Space Shuttle, January 1985-
January 1986. Commander of a crew consisting of seven
astronauts, including the only United States Congressman to
fly aboard a Space Shuttle. Responsible for the overall
training, duty assignments and overall management of the
crew, as well as command of the mission inflight. Mission
was successfully flown January 12-18, 1986.
Space Shuttle "Challenger" accident investigation team,
Kennedy Space Center, January 1986-March 1986.
Participated in the post-accident investigation to evaluate the
processing of the External Tank and the Solid Rocket
Booster elements as potential causes of the accident.
Solid Rocket Booster Redesign Team, April 1986-May 1988.
Team Leader for the astronaut team supporting the redesign
effort to fix the deficiencies found in the booster rockets for
the Space Shuttle. Participated in design studies and
reviews, failure analyses, and concept definitions for the
redesigned boosters as well as the test plan to requalify the
booster rockets for flight. Monitored full-scale development
and testing leading to flight.
Crew Commander, Space Shuttle flight STS-27, May 1988-
May 1989. Commander of a crew of five astronauts assigned
to a classified Department of Defense Space Shuttle flight.
Managed the crew training requirements and crew
involvement for development and testing leading to flight.
Developed procedures and checklists to successfully
perform the mission to accomplish objectives critical to
National security. Mission was flown successfully from
December 2-6.
Safety Branch Chief, August 1989-July 1990. Head of
the Safety Branch for the Astronaut Office with the
responsibility to manage safety inputs and review on behalf
of the Astronaut Office. Participated in engineering and
hazard analyses in support of Space Shuttle flights.
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