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Basketball Referee Resume
Basketball Referee Resume
150 Bedford Drive Athens, Georgia 30606 (706) 372-3781
Expertise: Player Development & Motivation … Strengthening & Conditioning … Communication Skills
Goal driven and dedicated bilingual professional offering practical and progressive career success as a
collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, calling upon expertise gained from working with
Hugh Durham, Billy Cunningham, Phil Jackson, and Dr. Jack Ramsey. Recognized for propelling
performance to unprecedented levels through hands on leadership and aggressive training and development
initiatives. Talented in applying player and program assessment to optimize individual player and overall
team development, achieving the trust and confidence of parents, school administrators, and the community.
Actively employ superior communication and team building skills to oversee assistant coaches and work with
volunteers, Board Members, and referees. Thrive on challenging opportunities to resolve problems within fast
paced work environments.
ATHENS ACADEMY Athens, Georgia 1998 Present
Head Basketball Coach, Varsity Boys 2006 Present
® Merited repeated advancement by this private college preparatory school with enrollment of 936 students
to direct all aspects of the varsity boys basketball program, which involves coordinating player
development, managing an assistant coach, overseeing facility maintenance, communicating with school
administrators and teachers, reviewing game and practice tapes, and developing game plans.
® Maintain open and effective avenues of communication with players, parents, and school representatives,
which has fostered an atmosphere of true caring about the overall well being of players, both on and off
the court.
® Develop innovative new drills for training, covering dribbling, passing, shooting defense, and rebounding,
instructing the team in balance, mental preparation before and after games to optimize their performance.
® Developed the team and players to several meritorious honors, such as:
o Coached a player to selection for the 2006 / 2007 All-Star Game
o Team won Regional Championship in first year as Head Coach
o Team went to the State Play-Off 2006 / 2007 and 2007 / 2008
o Team went to the 2nd Round of the State Play-Off 2008 / 2009
® Merited several awards for exemplary coaching, including:
o Athens-Banner Herald High School Basketball Coach of the Year, 2009
o 2008 Georgia North-South All-Stars Assistant Coach The State of Georgia
o 2007 / 2008 Region 8A Basketball Coach of the Year, out of 11 teams
o 2006 / 2007 Region 8A Basketball Coach of the Year, out of 11 teams
Assistant Basketball Coach, Varsity Boys 2001 2006
® Chosen due to extensive basketball expertise and effective communication skills to contribute to
development of varsity basketball players by reviewing game and practice films in collaboration with the
head coach, preparing the gym for practices and games, and occasionally transporting the team on the
team bus.
Head Coach Junior Varsity / Assistant Coach of Varsity Basketball 1999 2000
® Advanced to serve as Head Coach for Women's Junior Varsity basketball team, and Assistant Coach for
Women's Varsity Basketball team grades 9-11.
® Routinely developed new curriculum for the class to teach them key basketball concepts such as the
importance of positive visualization, mental guarding of opponents, stretching, and inseparable teamwork.
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Basketball Referee Resume