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4) BIDDER aggress to perform the work in the time specified and accepts the provisions of and
assessment of liquidated damages as defined in the General Conditions of the Contract for
Construction, form HUD-5370, paragraphs 25 and 33 respectively.
a) Contract Period – The Contractor shall complete all work required within 25 days.
b) Liquidated damages will be assessed at $25.00 per day.
5) BIDDER upon acceptance of this bid will execute the Agreement and will furnish the required
Contract security and insurance certificates within 10 days after the award of the Contract.
6) BIDDER agrees to furnish all labor, plant, materials, supplies, equipment, services, and other
facilities necessary or proper for, or incidental to, all work as required by, and in accordance
with the Contract Documents for the lump sum price of:
_______________________________________ Dollars $ ____________________
All of the work defined in the base bid less { define work item }.
_______________________________________ Dollars $ ____________________
All of the work defined in Alternate One less { define work item }.
_______________________________________ Dollars $ ____________________
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